fo(u)r M

Hi! I am Mirko Adam.

I am currently studying computer science at the University of Innsbruck.

I am committed to free software. If you want to know more about why this is important, read the corresponding page on my server or visit

This is my personal site. It will not contain much in the beginning, but it will be expanded. The server that is hosting this website is used for various projects and other stuff related to my studying, so the website may not be available from time to time. Due to these projects, you may find some cool tools, Easter eggs and other stuff on this website. Some of them are permanently referenced below.
It is also used as a Nextcloud instance. Of course, this nextcloud instance is not open to the public but only to certain people.


Social Media and other accounts

On most sites, my username is Elshid. However, if this username is not availiable, I add a number to it, most times 1701.

GitLab, GitHub and Codeberg

Even though GitHub is owned by Microsoft and both GitLab and GitHub are containing non-free elements, I am on both GitLab and GitHub, as for a developer, being able to work together with other developers around the world is crucial. If you do not want to sacrifice your freedom, I highly recommend to use Codeberg instead of GitHub and GitLab as it is Free Software, powered by a non-profit and community-driven. If you want to find out more about this project, go there.


To be able to cummunicate with my friends and family as well as to advertise this site, I joined Instagram. From time to time, I post some images. I would be happy if some of you, dear readers, followed me.


Even though this is another non-free service, I needed this service among other things for as a video conferencing service for the university.


Since a short time, I am a member of the Wikipedia.

Free Software Foundation

As I am commited to free software, I joined the FSF.


I joined not only proprietary networks, but also Mastodon, a Social Media Network similar to Twitter but built on Free Software.

Own works

Website Bürgerhilfe Audorf

I am maintaining the website of the Bürgerhilfe Audorf, a small, local, non-profit organization that focuses on establishing and organizing a neighborhood support group in Oberaudorf, a village in Bavaria, close to the Tyrolean border. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we organized a free delivery service for the elderly and other people of risk, so they needed not to go out and risk their health. This service is still existent.

Due to the pandemic, they got less donations and will run out of money soon. This organization needs YOUR help to sustain itself and continue its mission. So, if you can, please donate or become a member to support this wonderful organization.


Das Beste Foto

This is the website of my little brother. Beware: This website uses cookies and lots of non-free JavaScript as it is a Google Site. Due to a redesign, this site is currently not avaliable.

As he needs some money for this, he would be very happy if you would donate to him. Beware: Paypal uses cookies and lots of non-free JavaScript.

Be In Japan - A blog

This is the blog of a good friend who spends currently a year abroad in Japan. Check it out and leave him some love! Beware: This website uses non-free Java-Script and uses cookies if you enable the usage of JavaScript. However, you can enjoy his blog without JavaScript, so you can disable it savely.